Who Needs Otto®?

Merchandising Managers


Your company needs to prove merchandising compliance on product displays to receive market development funds or co-op dollars from manufacturers or partners.


Create a program that requires merchandisers to submit photo proof of compliance based on planograms.

How it works:

After reviewing your company’s goals, Insider Marketing develops a program to meet your specific merchandising objectives. We determine the appropriate incentives, with award values customized to motivate participants at different levels.

Next, we develop the creative assets and mobile-first site that feature merchandising goals and planograms for your team members. We can also tie these into your existing training on merchandising.

Participants upload photos of their store displays and view leaderboards that foster competition between team members and regions. Instant rewards keep your teams motivated, while larger prizes spur them to reach compliance milestones.

Program owners get 24/7 reporting via custom dashboards. These dashboards feature visual analytics that highlight actionable program drivers on both regional and national levels. This allows you to monitor overall team participation and view GPS information that verifies that photos align with the stated location.


Why Choose Otto?

More than a software platform, OTTO is part of a suite of expert services to help you create, execute, and fulfill effective incentive programs. Developed by Insider Marketing, OTTO is backed by over 22 years of expertise serving Fortune 100 companies like these: