Who Needs Otto®?

Training Managers


Your company needs to persuade sales reps at your resellers to train on your product’s features and benefits to maximize your company’s sell through.


Develop a rewards program to incentivize training with pre-launch, launch, and post-launch experiences, and gain mindshare among sales reps.

How it works:

After working with you to develop your company’s training KPIs, Insider Marketing designs a program to meet your specific objectives. We determine the appropriate incentives and can integrate with your existing training platform or develop standalone digital training to fit your needs.

Next, we develop your program creative and mobile-first site that allow you to reward reps with pulsed rewards at each stage in the product training lifecycle.

Participants can view their training completion at each stage and view leaderboards that foster competition between regions. Instant rewards keep participants motivated, while a sweepstakes can provide an added incentive for enhanced participation.

Program owners get 24/7 reporting via custom dashboards, with visual analytics that highlight actionable program drivers and program costs.


Why Choose Otto?

More than a software platform, OTTO is part of a suite of expert services to help you create, execute, and fulfill effective incentive programs. Developed by Insider Marketing, OTTO is backed by over 22 years of expertise serving Fortune 100 companies like these: